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Designed specifically for associations, iMIS association software can help you:

Get a unified view of every interaction: Manage membership models of all types and complexity, including company membership management and individual membership management, as well as chapter and committees.
Easily measure engagement: Track and improve member engagement through the built-in engagement scoring engine.
Manage financial transactions with a PCI-validated solution: Allow members to join/renew, buy products, register for events, and apply for/track certifications online.
Connect your community: Empower your members to connect, communicate, and collaborate online.
Deliver timely, engaging communications: Engage your constituents with personalised, automated, and integrated email campaigns.
Enable your members to do business with you 24/7: Give your members — and staff — full access to your organisation while they're on the go.
Improve your staff's productivity: Eliminate manual tasks for your team through automated emails, scheduled tasks, and personalised alerts.
Manage your entire web presence: Choose from a gallery of configurable, responsive site templates or integrate to your existing web Content Management System (CMS).
Achieve continuous performance improvement: Leverage and configure real-time KPIs through easily configured dashboards based on industry best practices. 

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