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iMIS Applications


Below are some of the iMIS add-on applications that we use to improve the iMIS experience for our users. To find out more information about these applications get in contact with the Zephyr team today. 


Ever wanted to discover how your membership, donations or any iMIS statistical data is trending?

Now you can with ZNAPS

Most applications tell you what the current state of a data field is. ZNAPS allows you to run queries within iMIS that will take a snapshot of the current state and stores this data in iMIS where you can then access the data to track/graph changes over time.

CSI's Cloud SSO product fully supports the two major industry-standard SSO protocols: OpenID Connect and SAML 2.0. Turn your iMIS / RiSE database into an OpenID Connect IdP or SAML 2.0 IdP with no software to install!

Members log in once with their iMIS credentials on any site (including a RiSE page). From there, they will have a seamless experience navigating through your systems. Reduce time managing accounts and passwords since members only need to know one login.


iDMS is the leading-edge toolset that maintains data integrity and harmony for iMIS, and is a designated iMIS strategic product partner. Suppose you’re a new iMIS user looking for ways to efficiently get your data into iMIS, then manage it going forward. Or, you are migrating to iMIS EMS and seeking to seamlessly replace your existing stored procedures. Importing massive amounts of information in multiple formats? Importing gifts stored in a separate system? And what about those time-consuming, repetitive tasks? They become a thing of the past too!


Our iMIS Data Management Suite includes:

  • iImport: Whether you’re doing a new iMIS implementation or have 3rd party data you want to get into your iMIS database, simplify your data imports with iDMS – iImport.

  • iUpdate: For efficient and easy updates of you iMIS database, nothing beats iDMS – iUpdate.

  • iSchedule: Set it and forget it! While iUpdate or iImport do the heavy lifting, you can free yourself from administrative burden with iDMS – iSchedule.

  • iTransfer: Automate the sending and receiving of 3rd party data with iDMS – iTransfer.

Provide a space for your members to connect anytime, anywhere.

Answers at their fingertips
Connect members with trusted peers who have been there, done that and have the answers.

Keep them coming back
Discussions, Q&A, events, and engagement tools like automation and a mobile app – this is everything you need to bring members back from wherever they are.

Understand them better
Track activity trends, discussion topics, and searches in the community for deeper insights into what your members need.

Scale as you grow
Grow your community offerings with additional functionality like learning and mentoring using our expansion packs and third-party integrations. 


Send the right message to the right person at the right time.

Make it feel like you’re talking just to them
Tailor every email or automated campaign with dynamic content, segmentation, and personalisation. Integrations with your AMS or online community make adding lists a breeze.

Without the extra work
Simplicity is built in. Save time with pre-built email templates and automated campaigns based on nearly two decades of association experience.

Understand their interests
Landing pages collect leads, showcase your content, or help you collect information on people who are interested in any event, program, or service your association offers.

Refine your programs with data
Gain insight from engagement scoring, reporting, and web tracking so you can refine your offerings and prove ROI. 


TopClass LMS is an award-winning, powerful education platform that helps your association expand your online learning portfolio and stay top of mind in the increasingly competitive lifelong learning market. TopClass LMS has the flexibility to fit your organisation now yet scale up as your programs grow.

TopClass LMS is used for:

  • Certifications: credentials and certificate programs

  • Alternative credentials: digital badges and micro-credentials

  • Learning pathways

  • Online courses: instructor-led and self-study

  • Experiential learning and mentoring programs

  • Webinars and web conferencing

  • Learning communities: discussion forums and social sharing

  • Leadership, volunteer, and staff training

  • Conference, workshop, and seminar management 

Topclass LMS by WBT Systems

Zapier for iMIS connects your iMIS data and workflows to the applications you use every day. It offers seamless, two-way integrations to any number of the apps on the Zapier platform, giving you a single platform to automate data and manage complex workflows easily.

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